Crest offer a range of end-to-end services providing a full range of garment cleaning for a variety of different needs, so whether it’s corporate, repairs, ironing or even household items you need help with we have you covered.

Uniforms Corporate, Hotel, Work Wear and Sporting Uniforms
Crest offer a specialised, comprehensive and professional uniform dry cleaning service, catering for commercial and industrial applications from delicate to heavy duty uniforms. From the large hotels to a small business we are able to offer you the very best service at competitive rates, ensuring your customers and staff receive the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. If you have a major sporting event or regular sporting competitions, Crest can keep your team uniforms looking sharp. We currently service many local sporting clubs throughout Victoria. For further details please visit our commercial page, or contact us to arrange a quote.

Repairs & Alterations
Our highly qualified alterations team can attend to all your clothing repairs and alterations. Zips, hems, buttons and sleeves are just a few of the alterations and repairs we include in our garment service. Our skilled team can handle most garments including pants, skirts, dresses, shorts and shirts.

The most common repairs we’re able to assist with include:

  • Hems – shortened or lengthened
  • Waists – taken in or let out
  • Zips – replaced, altered or repaired
  • Pockets – replaced, altered or repaired
  • Linings – replaced, altered or repaired
  • Buttons – replaced or re-attached
  • Buttonholes – made or repaired
  • Sleeves – shortened or lengthened
  • Rips and tears – mended
  • Beading & Trims – replaced or re-attached

Fire, smoke, water, mold and disaster restoration
When a disaster hits your home, shelter and clothing become an absolute priority. Crest work with homeowners, restoration contractors and insurance companies to bring your clothing and home furnishings back to life as quickly as possible. Whether your garment and home furnishings smell of smoke, are covered in soot, mold or have suffered water damage we will always give you the best possible advice and do everything we can to bring them back to their original state.

We can restore almost every textile fabric including:

  • Delicate Garment restoration
  • Wedding gown restoration
  • General Garment & Clothing restoration- suits, shirts, dresses, pants, personal items etc.
  • Curtain and blind restoration
  • Home furnishings restoration: Bedspreads, Doonas and Blankets

If you think your garment restoration job is beyond hope, let one of our professional staff examine the damage and we’ll give you a fair assessment first. If there’s something we can do, rest assured Crest will get it done.

The perfect way to kick off your spring clean and keep your home looking fresh is to have your curtains and drapery professionally dry cleaned by the team at Crest Dry Cleaners. We will have them looking and smelling fresh, adding a bright new look to your home or workplace.

Please Note:
Most manufacturers of curtains and drapery recommend the allowance of up to 3% shrinkage during the cleaning process.  Some curtains and drapes that have had high exposure to sunlight can cause the material to break down, and during the dry cleaning process can become damaged due to this sun damage. This is particularly evident with rubber backed curtain and drapery.

Ironing Service
Crest understands there are better things you’d rather be doing than ironing your own clothes, especially if you’ve got a big family work clothes and school clothes alone for the week can fee like a daunting task. That’s why we offer a professional ironing service, aimed at businessmen, women or even families. Our modern equipment and professional staff will make sure your clothes are pressed to perfection every single time.

Sleeping bags
Every sleeping bag, down or synthetic, must be cleaned. Accumulated body oils, trail dust and grime all serve to decrease the effectiveness of a bag’s insulation, and increase obnoxious odors and fibre-weakening microbes. If you require your sleeping bag to be cleaned, take it into one of our shops for a professional clean today.

Household Furnishings
According to the National Asthma Council Australia “The most common allergic triggers of asthma are house dust mite, pets, pollen and molds.” A professional Dry clean will kill dust mites, which will then lower allergen levels in your home.  It is always best to have furnishings professionally cleaned at the end of each season before storage, because nothing is more important than your families well being. Crest will have your items clean, fresh, and ready for use or put in storage. We also clean household items such as bedspreads, pillows and covers, cushion and couch covers, mattress protectors and doona covers.

Towels / Tea towels
You may be a chef who requires large volumes of tea towels cleaned, or run a Motel / Hotel and have anywhere from a small to large quantity of towels to be cleaned. Crest can accommodate your requirements through a pick up and drop off service, that suits your needs and makes your job that much easier for you.

Business Shirts
Stop ironing on a Sunday, you have better things to do! We operate the latest Japanese shirt technology to look after and prolong the life of your shits. Click on the link to see our shirt machine in action: