Geelong Dry Cleaning for Household & Furnishings

Geelong Dry Cleaning Household Furnishings

Household Furnishings

According to the National Asthma Council Australia “The most common allergic triggers of asthma are house dust mite, pets, pollen and moulds.” A professional Dry clean will kill dust mites, which will lower allergen levels in your home.  It is always best to have furnishings professionally cleaned at the end of each season before storage. Crest will have your items clean, fresh, and ready for use or storage. We also clean; bedspreads, pillows and covers, cushion and couch covers, mattress protectors and doona covers.

Geelong Dry Cleaning Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags

Every sleeping bag, down or synthetic, must be cleaned. Accumulated body oils, trail dust and grime all serve to decrease the effectiveness of a bag’s insulation, and increase obnoxious odours and fibre-weakening microbes. If you require your sleeping bag to be cleaned, take it into one of our shops for a professional clean today.

Geelong Dry Cleaning Towels / Tea towels

Towels / Tea towels

You may be a chef who requires large volumes of tea towels cleaned, or run a Motel / Hotel and need a small to large quantity of towels cleaned. Crest can accommodate your requirements through a pick up and drop off service.