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FAQ's - FREE pick-up and delivery service

I’m never home. Where do I leave my clothes for pick up?

We understand that you are busy! Which is why our delivery team are able to grab your garments from a spot that is secure and convenient for you. This might be the front porch, around the side of the house side of the house or at the back door. Just let us know where you intend to leave your garments and we will drop them off in the same spot.

How do I know what days are my scheduled pick up and drop-off days?

Your scheduled days for pick-up and delivery will depend on where you live. Some of our clients are on a Monday/Thursday rotation and others are on a Tuesday/Friday rotation. To check your area, head to

What if I need my garments back sooner than three days?

If this is the case, give our delivery team a call. We may be able to drop your garment to your house sooner, or we may be able to arrange for your garment to be ready for pick-up at a store location that is closest to you – Geelong, Geelong West or Belmont.

What if I don’t have a blue bag?

We provide personalised blue garment bags on the return of your first order. We ask that you use this bag for all future orders. If your bag gets lost or damaged or if you require a second bag, give our delivery team a call and we will arrange for a new blue bag to be delivered with the return of your next order.

What if I have an issue with a garment that has been delivered to me?

In the event that you are not totally satisfied with your garments, we ask that you contact our delivery team and let them know. The delivery team is in place to ensure that your dry-cleaning experience is easy and flawless. They can – for example – arrange for your garments to be re-cleaned.

What if I need my garments altered or repaired?

In order to have your garment altered or repaired, simply place a note with your dry cleaning that specifies what needs to be done. Depending on the complexity of the alteration or repair, garments may take longer to be returned to you. For an approximate quote on pricing, please call in-store on (03) 5229 2042.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?

In order to expedite the pick-up and delivery process, we prefer that payments are made by card with the details that we keep securely on file. This will ensure the most efficient experience for you. If special circumstances arise, please give our delivery team a call and they may be able to make alternative arrangements.

How do I update my payment details or my personal details?

If you would like to update your payment details, or if you are moving house and would like to let us know – you can simply print our ‘sign-up’ form at, fill in your new details and place it with your next order. Alternatively, you can give our friendly delivery team a call and they will be able to make these changes over the phone.