Geelong Dry Cleaning Disaster Restoration

Fire, smoke, water, mould and disaster restoration

When a disaster hits your home, shelter and clothing become an absolute priority. Crest work with homeowners, restoration contractors and insurance companies to bring your clothing and home furnishings back to life as quickly as possible. Whether your garment and home furnishings smell of smoke, are covered in soot, mould or have suffered water damage Crest will always give you the best possible advice and do everything possible to bring them back to their original state.

We can restore almost every textile fabric including:

  • Delicate Garment restoration
  • Wedding gown restoration
  • General Garment & Clothing restoration- suits, shirts, dresses, pants, personal items etc.
  • Curtain and blind restoration
  • Home furnishings restoration: Bedspreads, Doonas and Blankets

If you think your garment restoration job is beyond hope, let one of our professional staff examine the damage.